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The Internet gives business, organisations and individuals the opportunity to show the world what they have or can do.

Anyone can write a web page, but not everybody is able to spend the time or is able to be creative enough to create an eye-catching HOME PAGE that will hold people's attention when they land on your site.

We also create responsible web pages that load as quickly as possible. Because we write in code and DO NOT USE creator packages, our code overhead is minimal, allowing faster loading.

COMPSALE is able to design pages around your ideas, starting with the BASIC HOME PAGE for the small business or the individual, through to more advanced, multi-level pages for really telling the world about your product.

The broad expertise and experience in a variety of industries of our main HTML writer, Bob Burling, gives us a real edge when it comes to interpreting your needs and applying them to the Internet.

Our prices are extremely competitive and can start as little as $AU40.00 for a BASIC HOME PAGE.

More ADVANCED PAGES can also be created containing things such as THESE, a page with lots of goodies that may take time to load.

We can also arrange for your site to be placed on the Internet and listed with various Internet Search Engines. For some possibilities see our Internet Page and look at some of the Internet Service providers and Search Engines.

Why not call us and discuss your requirements and join the rapidly growing trend of promoting yourself (or your business) to the world.

For some examples of pages set up by Compsale, please click on the button below.

We also are supplying free, a basic form HTML file that can be readily modified and used on websites. The difference with this form is that it is Java© based and therefore does not require CGI scripting to make it work. It will only work, however, with browsers that have been Java© activated. For details and to obtain this file CLICK HERE