Introductory Training Courses

Introductory Training Courses are designed to get the individual to a competent stage of being able to use the specific software. Advanced training can be negotiated after the course.

These courses can be run as a one-on-one course (either at your home or work or at our training room). To run the course at your computer, you will be required to have the relevant computer software installed on your computer and have any additional requirements needed for the course (for example your own Internet connection for the Internet Course).

These courses may also be run as a group training packages (special rates will apply) but you must supply a computer for each student, all with the required software.

Generally, there is no waiting for the course to be run as we fit you in to our schedule as quickly as possible (dependent upon current work load).

Each course is generally run in 2 hour/day blocks until the course is completed. However, this aspect can be negotiated in accordance with your needs. General training days are Tuesday to Thursday between 9am and 5pm. Other days and evenings may be available by negotiation.

Each student is supplied with a course manual as a part of the costs. At the conclusion of the course you are provided with a certificate of completion.

The following table shows the currently available basic training courses available, along with the course duration and the current price.


Using The Internet An introduction to using your browser, Email and search engines. Includes looking at Netscape, Outlook Express and Internet Explorer. Ideal for those who have never used the Internet. If you don't already have the Internet, plan to connect during the course as the latter part of this course is best done on the Internet itself. 6 hours $AU100.00
Corel WordPerfect Learn to utilise the simplicity of a superb word processor to produce your document needs. 10 hours $AU150.00
Corel Presentations Learn to use this tool to spice up your presentations. 10 hours $AU150.00
MS Works Learn the basic principles of word processing, spreadsheet and database operations using this readily available package. 18 hours $AU250.00
MS Excel Learn the fundamentals of this very common spreadsheet package 10 hours $AU150.00
MS Access Learn the basics of this popular database programme. 10 hours $AU150.00
MS PowerPoint Learn this popular and readily accessible presentations package. 10 hours $AU150.00
MS Word Learn to use this commonly used word processor and increase your employment chances. 10 hours $AU150.00
QBasic Learn the fundamentals of programming in basic. This programming language enables you to understand the fundamentals of programming before learning the click-and-drag more advanced visual languages now available. 24 hours $AU300.00
C++ - Introductory Programming The most popular programming language around. Learn the basics of this language at the basic level to enable you to understand how this language works. 40 hours $AU450.00
HTML & Website Creation Learn the language of the Internet that will able you to write faster loading web pages than are created by click-and-drag web creating software and understand how it works. 20 hours $AU250.00
Computers - Basic Management Learn to get the most from your investment by learning to care for your computer and yourself. It includes disk management, OH & S, Virus Prevention and other basic computer care. 10 hours $150.00
Computer Basics An extended course that covers the basics of computer hardware, computer software and computer use. This is a Certificate II level course and is recommended to be done in modules over a period of 12 months. Includes the health and safety aspects of computer use often ignored by people. It includes some of the courses shown above including Internet Use, Works, PowerPoint and Basic Management. It also includes introduction to the use of Graphic User Interface programmes (such as Windows) and a general overview of the computer industry. 200 hours $AU1,000.00

Prices and Courses are subject to change without notice.
People planning for group teaching should add 20% to the hours for group teaching due to the extra time needed to teach a group of people. Prices per student in a group course decrease proportionally to the number of students

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