Computer Terminology - V

This web page looks at some of the terminology associated with the Computer Industry. This appendix is not to be deemed as complete but does cover a large range of common terminology.

If you find a term not covered in this file you may Email Button and list the word (computer connected terminology ONLY). We will endeavour to locate the meaning and respond to you. If we consider it a common enough term, we will add it to our list. New terminology (with explanation) may also be submitted for consideration.

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virtual: A commonly used adjective that means having all of the properties of x while not necessarily being x. For example, "virtual Friday" in a workplace is the last day of work before a break, that is to say it is like Friday but may or may not actually be Friday. A "virtual reality" is an artificial environment that appears to be its own reality. On a mainframe, a "virtual machine" gives the user all of the properties and "feel" of a separate personal computer.

Virtual Memory: Memory addresses and data that appear to the CPU to be in RAM but actually are on a hard disk. Special software manages this memory and gives the CPU access to it.

Virtual Reality Markup Language: (abbreviation: VRML) A scripting language used to define three-dimensional "worlds".

Virus: An unauthorised piece of computer code attached to a computer programme or portions of a computer system that secretly spreads from one computer to another by shared disks and over telephone lines. Sometimes referred to as Virtual Reality Modelling Language.

VRML: See Virtual Reality Markup Language.

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