Computer Terminology - Q

This web page looks at some of the terminology associated with the Computer Industry. This appendix is not to be deemed as complete but does cover a large range of common terminology.

If you find a term not covered in this file you may Email Button and list the word (computer connected terminology ONLY). We will endeavour to locate the meaning and respond to you. If we consider it a common enough term, we will add it to our list. New terminology (with explanation) may also be submitted for consideration.

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query: 1. A general question posed to a person or group over the Internet. Internet users are generally so helpful that if one asks an appropriate query to the correct discussion group, one will often receive many useful responses. One caveat: it is necessary to find and read the appropriate FAQ document first. Failure to do so would be considered a waste other people's time and bandwidth.
2. A request for specific information from a database.

queue: A sequence of items such as packets or print jobs waiting to be processed. For example, a print queue holds files that are waiting to be printed.

QWERTY: A keyboard whose top row of letter keys starts with the letters Q, W, E, R, T, Y.

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