Computer Terminology - K

This web page looks at some of the terminology associated with the Computer Industry. This appendix is not to be deemed as complete but does cover a large range of common terminology.

If you find a term not covered in this file you may Email Button and list the word (computer connected terminology ONLY). We will endeavour to locate the meaning and respond to you. If we consider it a common enough term, we will add it to our list. New terminology (with explanation) may also be submitted for consideration.

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Kb: Kilobyte. Equal to 1,024 bytes.

Kermit: A protocol used for transferring files over a dial-up connection that is commonly used on BBS systems.

kill file: A file used by some USENET reading programs that filters out unwanted messages, usually from a particular author or on a particular subject. If you add someone to your kill file, you arrange for the person to be ignored by your news reader. Originally from Larry Wall's run program.

kluge: A quick fix to a problem that places expediency over elegance. Pronounced "klooj". Variant spelling is "kludge".

knowbie: A person who understands the finer details of computer networking. See also hacker, newbie, and power newbie.

knowbot: A artificially intelligent computer program that automates the search for animation.

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