The basics of writing web pages using HTML

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There are numerous reasons for writing web pages in the base language. At the top of the list is the compact size of the pages that writing directly into the language allows you to achieve. More compact pages means faster loading.

There is also the satisfaction of achieving the task yourself. Anybody can "click-and-drag", it doesn't take any real skill at all. However, the person who writes the pages has a definite skill. As the Internet becomes more and more congested, more and more companies are looking for people who can write the compact page and some ISP's overseas are even moving to ban web sites from their free pages that are written using "click-and-drag". It doesn't take a clever person to realise that being able to write HTML is going to soon mean better employment opportunities. Keeping the trend in mind, many businesses, in particular, are going to be looking for people who can strip out unwanted code from sites that were created from such programmes. In fact, if you know what you're doing , up to 80% of the code can be stripped from thse sites without changing the actual appearance of the page one bit. An understanding of HTML is essential for such a task.

This course, of 45 lessons, takes you through all the fundamentals of writing this very powerful language. This programme will take you through the following aspects of WRITING WEB PAGES WITH HTML.

Each section is divided up into simple lessons, most with example code and displayed results of that code. The course user is encouraged to put into practice as they are learning.

Whilst a lot of the advanced commands are only mentioned in passing, it will give the user an understanding of what they are facing in existing web sites.

Once you have completed the course, you will be well equipped to use the advanced HTML books that are readily available on the market.