A computer based Internet use practice and training package.

PRICE: $AU5.95
ORDER ITEM Number: WBT2002001

Developed, originally, to allow a group of Senior Citizens, learning to use the Internet to overcome their perceived fear of "getting lost in cyberspace". The system soon gained popularity in other Internet User Training Courses because people were able to get used to the Internet methodology without being connected to the Internet.

The system contains a "theoretical online community" with more than 30 "business enterprises" that have many different web pages. Linking is the key to the whole system to allow people to get used to the way the Internet works through links. Whilst the pages would not win awards for design, the system is practical, fast and as close to the "real thing" that you are likely to get.

This latest version includes a much more sophisticated, self contained search engine to allow users to also get used to what a search engine actually does.

Use it to help a friend to get online or as a teaching tool.

Pseudo Web operates much the same way as the Internet proper. The varying 'home pages' are accessed by following the procession of links that make up the system. All pages have multiple links that allow the operator to move across the large number of web pages present.

There are many cross link setups in every home page to further facilitate the practice of moving about the Internet using the links.

Pseudo Web is also useful as a demonstration tool for those writing or learning HTML Code as the overall site contains about 85% of the basic commands of HTML 4.0