ArGoSoft - Accounting 2000

1 Introduction to Accounting 2000

Welcome to Accounting 2000.

At ArGoSoft Technologies Pty Ltd, we design accounting software that is not only easy to use, but has the depth and flexibility to service a wide range of business needs. Accounting 2000 is designed to grow as your business grows, from a single user Point of Sale or General Ledger system, to a fully integrated network solution.

Accounting 2000 has been created as a business tool, not only to complete your financial accounts, but also to facilitate greater success with your business marketing strategies. Invoices may be allocated to a demographic to track marketing results. Customers may be allocated to categories that allow you to target market to specific customer groups. Potential customers (clients) can also be identified and included in your marketing efforts.

As Accounting 2000 has been written on a Microsoft Access platform, tables of information on customers, stock, suppliers etc may be down loaded to Microsoft Word or Excel to allow you to format your own reports. The system allows users to create their own invoice, purchase and quote formats, for day to day use within the system.

Accounting 2000 is much more than just another Accounting System. We have built in useful day to day organising utilities such as Notes, Appointment Diaries, To Do Lists, Bulk E-mail, Internet Integration and much more. We have even added spell-checking capabilities, which are available if you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer.

Finally, Accounting 2000 will prepare your Business Activity Statement, to allow you to accurately account for your Goods and Services Tax liability. It is a complete business solution.

Your Accountant and Accounting 2000

In years gone by, your Accountant may only have been busy during 'Tax Time'. Today, as business owners realise the help and assistance that their Accountants can provide throughout the year, your Accountant will be in demand every day.

Accounting 2000 has been designed to allow your Accountant to spend less time collating your trading results for the year, and allow more time to be spent in advising you on how to build your business further. The more ‘quality' work undertaken between you and your Accountant, the more positive your relationship will be.

For each Accounting 2000 system sold, we will ensure that your Accountant receives a complimentary version of the program.

Two programs for the price of one! Your Accountant will really thank you for that.

In this age of electronic data transfer, when both Customer and Accountant have the Accounting 2000 software, data files may be sent by disk or e-mail. A single page may even be captured as a ‘snapshot' and attached to an e-mail.

Imagine how easy it will be to comply with your Goods and Services Tax obligations, when you are able to e-mail your Accountant the Business Activity Statement prepared by Accounting 2000, together with your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet information. All of this is available today with Accounting 2000.

Accounting 2000 Support Services

As user friendly as Accounting 2000 is, you may still encounter occasions when you need some advice on how to complete certain operations. We have established the following support services to enable us to provide the best possible service for you. For more information, or costs, on the following support options please call your distributor of Accounting 2000 or contact us at ArGoSoft Technologies Ply Ltd.

Introductory Support

We provide 30 Days free introductory support for registered users from the date of purchase of Accounting 2000. This support offer is standard with all purchases of Accounting 2000, unless an alternative introductory support period is specified by your Accounting 2000 Distributor at the time of purchase. After this period, you will be transferred to one of the following Support options - Standard or Priority.

Standard Support Membership (SSM)

As a valued Accounting 2000 user, you are automatically assigned to Standard Support Membership. SSM gives you access to our operators for telephone and e-mail support on a charge per call basis. Upgrades of new versions of Accounting 2000 are not included in SSM.

Priority Support Membership (PSM)

You can upgrade to Priority Support Membership at any time. On application for PSM, you will be given a PSM number, which you will be asked to quote when we answer your call. PSM entitles you to access to regular updated and enhanced versions of Accounting 2000 from our Internet site, at no additional cost.)

For a small annual fee PSM includes the following features:

For those users with no access to the Internet, there is the option of a subscription to a quarterly update supplied on CD Rom.

Contact Compsale and arrange a demonstration.